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O G4 Educação é patrocinador e o podcast oficial do RD Summit. Fique por dentro de algumas atrações de nossa agenda de conteúdos.

Conteúdos atualizados com profissionais atuantes no mercado.


Acesse gratuitamente as principais Planilhas, Guias de Implementação, insights de grandes CEOs e muito mais.

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In just three days, you'll gain the expertise to implement methodologies that shift your focus from day-to-day operations to driving your company's expansion.


We represent the next stage in business school

Our mission is to foster sustainable growth for founders, managers, and teams, ultimately driving increased outcomes for companies and contributing to job creation in our country. Because, at its core, the advancement of business mirrors the progress of Brazil.

Our mentors are in-demand professionals with hands-on experience in prominent  companies. At G4 Educação, teaching is reserved for those who have actively succeeded in doing.

Our teaching methodology is practical and immediately applicable. In other words: ideal for those who don't have time to waste.

Be part of a network of managers and leaders who face similar challenges, grow together and help change the country's reality.

We guarantee the highest standards in everything we develop: our products, content, events and experiences.

Get access to up-to-date content and innovative solutions to help your company evolve.

Learning with G4 Educação

Business evolution starts here:

In-person program
G4 Traction

You will discover how to effectively utilize methodologies and tools designed to assist managers of small and medium-sized companies in reaching their objectives.

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In-person program
G4 Management and Strategy

You'll gain insights into the strategies and practices employed by the world's fastest-growing companies, tailored to suit the dynamics of your business.

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Online program
G4 Training

Designed for entrepreneurs eager to master the stages of their company's growth.

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For your company

Increase the level of knowledge of every employee in your company.

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O G4 Podcast é o canal de podcast do G4 Educação. Conteúdos sobre gestão, liderança e inovação, com pessoas que são referências em suas áreas.

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About us

History of G4 Educação

G4 Educação, formerly known as Gestão 4.0, emerged from a collective vision shared by partners Tallis Gomes (Easy Taxi and Singu), Alfredo Soares (Xtech and VTEX), and Bruno Nardon (Rappi Brasil and Kanui). Their aim was to revolutionize the Brazilian business and management landscape through corporate education.

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G4 Educação Portfolio

For you and for your company


Practical and applicable methodologies developed for entrepreneurs and managers who want to boost their business results.

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Online Programs

Bring our knowledge to your company in an online and practical way, bringing methodologies from major market players in an applicable and dynamic way.

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Know G4 SKILLS, our software that builds customized paths for your team to develop their soft and hard skills.


Join the community of managers who, like you, want to develop their businesses and change the country's reality.

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What is the primary objective of G4 Educação?

Our main goal is to foster the creation of 1 million new jobs by 2030 through the advancement
of our students' skills and opportunities.




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What motivates our continued progress?

Our significant milestones

200 in-person programs delivered

By combining our ten in-person programs, we have conducted over 200 classes under G4 Education's banner. This benefited over 9,000 students in more than 7,000 companies, propelling them forward with G4 Educação.

What motivates our continued progress?

Our significant milestones

The Innovative Workplaces 2022 Seal

G4 Educação has been selected by MIT Technology Review in Brazil as one of the top 20 innovative companies in the country, an accolade that resonates with our goal of advancing the business school model.

What motivates our continued progress?

Our significant milestones

World's Best Customer Experience Team

G4 Educação has been honored by the Customer Centricity World Series as the company boasting the most outstanding Customer Experience team globally.

What motivates our continued progress?

Our significant milestones

+350,000 New Jobs Generated

On May 9, 2023, the founders of G4 Educação unveiled a milestone as significant as an IPO: the creation of over 350,000 new jobs by our students. This landmark announcement was made against the backdrop of the Nasdaq electronic board in New York.

What motivates our continued progress?

Our significant milestones

Certification for Legal Department 4.0

G4 Educação's Legal team has been awarded the Legal Department 4.0 Certification, 2023 edition, by AB2L - the Brazilian Association of Lawtechs and Legaltechs. This distinction highlights our dedication to legal innovation, effective people management, efficiency in legal operations, and our role as a valuable business partner.

Customer endorsement

What they say about G4 Educação

G4 Educação featured in the media

“Startups como [...] a brasileira G4 Educação lançam programas para quem busca networking, conhecimento e insights que possam ser aplicados de forma instantânea aos negócios.”

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"The methodology of G4 Educação is both agile and firmly rooted in adapting the strategies of rapidly expanding enterprises to the context of Brazilian business."

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"Além do conteúdo altamente aplicável, a metodologia de ensino entrega ferramentas práticas em que são abordadas técnicas, frameworks e mecanismos de gestão, vendas, operações, experiência do cliente e crescimento utilizados pelas empresas mais inovadoras do mercado"

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